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The CCAR Policy Manual is provided for you below, or you can download a PDF copy here:


The following are the policies and procedures as approved by the Board of Directors for the Calaveras County Association of REALTORS®:


  1. All Principal Brokers must submit to the Association a list of licensees within their office by November 1st, showing current deletions or additions of all sales agents.
  2. The Executive Officer will not submit an application for new membership for approval unless all fees have been paid.
  3. A REALTOR® Affiliate of the Year Award will be bestowed upon one or more individuals whose occupation may not require a Real Estate License. Their activity must contribute services in support of the Real Estate Industry. This award is intended for individual recognition.  This award will be presented at the Annual Installation Dinner.
  4. C.C.A.R. will hold two or more New Member Orientation Programs each year. Each New Member must attend the first scheduled Orientation upon joining the Association.  If they are unable to attend, their membership will be revoked.  They will have the option to petition the Board of Directors with a valid reason why they could not attend that Orientation.  If approved, they must attend the next scheduled Orientation.  If they do not attend that Orientation, their membership in C.C.A.R. will automatically terminate, dues will be prorated from the date of application to the date of termination and the remaining dues shall be returned to the terminated provisional member.  Reinstatement will be as the Association Bylaws read.
  5. Property Management Members are to be REALTOR® Members, not Affiliate Members, even if they have their own business separate from a Real Estate Office.
  6. The Designated REALTOR® is to notify the Association in writing, within five (5) days of change, when an agent is no longer associated with his/her office.
  7. The Affiliate “A” logo may be used by Affiliates in their advertising.
  8. Ethics courses that qualify for CalDRE credit will be deemed to satisfy the N.A.R. biennial ethics requirement.  Members must submit a completed course certificate to C.C.A.R. to go in the individuals file.


  1. C.C.A.R. will not accept partial payment of dues.
  2. If a Member’s payment is returned from the Bank for insufficient funds or closed account, they will be charged a service charge and the payment must be replaced.
  3. Region 7 Contributions will be assessed by the Region annually per member.
  4. C.A.R. Members are required to pay C.C.A.R. REALTOR® Member dues annually
  5. Affiliates are required to pay annual dues.
  6. There is a one-time Broker REALTOR® Application Fee.
  7. There is a one-time Agent REALTOR® Application Fee.
  8. There is a one-time Affiliate application fee.
  9. There is an (Office) Transfer fee per Transfer.
  10. There is a Reconnect fee for late payments.
  11. There are fees for going to Inactive Status.
  12. The Application Fee does not need to be re-paid for a change of status if 1) the correct fee was paid previously and 2) the member’s participation has been continuous and unbroken since payment of said fee.
  13. Non-Member LFRO Agents must fill out a current C.C.A.R. Application but will not be charged the application fee.


  1. When a vote is not unanimous, the number of ayes and noes will be recorded in the minutes.
  2. Minutes of the Board of Directors will be direct and brief.
  3. The Consent Calendar and Financial Statements will not be sent with the agenda and minutes but given at the Board Meeting. Financial Statements are not to leave the Board Office.
  4. Members shall be solicited for nominations for REALTOR® of the Year.
  5. Board of Directors Meetings will start with an “Open Forum” for those members who wish to express a concern or recommendation to the Board of Directors. The Board will not act on any matter brought up at this time but may take the matter under further consideration. In accordance with California Law: 224CAL. App. 2D50 Meetings of the Board of Directors may hold a “general” session, whereas any member may attend. The Board of Directors may then adjourn and go into a “closed” session as there may be issues that need to be kept confidential (ie. Pro standards matters, HR, Budget/Finance, contracts). Under Conflict of Interest: The penalties for violating federal or state antitrust laws are severe. The maximum criminal penalty for violating the Sherman Act was increased in 2004 from $350,000 to $1,000,000 for an individual and from $10,000,000 to $100,000,000 for a corporation. Pursuant to the Sentencing Reform Act, alternative maximum fines could be increased to twice the pecuniary gain of an offender or twice the loss to another person.
  6. Attendance at Board and MLS Committee Meetings is critical to accomplishing the work of the Board.  Therefore, absence from three Board (or MLS) Meetings in a calendar year constitutes an automatic resignation from the Board or MLS Committee.


  1. Speakers for General Membership Meetings will be by invitation only.
  2. Membership Meetings will be held at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


  1. A receipt is needed for reimbursement of monies spent and reviewed by an executive committee member.
  2. C.A.R. surplus funds will be managed according to the C.C.A.R. Financial Policy.
  3. Any account that is 30 days past due will not be allowed any further charges until the account is brought current.
  4. A CPA Audit is required annually to be in compliance with the National Association of REALTORS® Core Standards.
  5. The Executive Committee must approve any purchase over $5,000.00 which is not considered a routine operating expense.
  6. Association budget is not to leave the Association Office. If a member would like to review the annual budget, they are to schedule a meeting with the Association Executive.
  7. C.A.R. shall maintain insurance coverage as necessary for a commercial policy with adequate business liability and building replacement cost.
  8. C.A.R. accepts credit cards for purchases and MLS fees.


  1. Paid educational offerings are non-refundable.


  1. C.A.R. shall conform with the N.A.R. employer/ employee guidelines as well as State and Federal Law.


  1. C.C.A.R. will award two or more scholarships annually of at least $500 each.


  1. There is a filing fee to file an arbitration complaint with C.C.A.R. for a hearing.
  2. The Mediation filing fee is to be determined by the Mediator. The money is to be given to the Mediator.
  3. When requesting a continuance for and Arbitration of Ethics Hearing, if granted the first one is at no charge, however the second and any additional will have a fee.
  4. Audio copies of hearings are available to either party, complainant or respondent for a fee.
  5. The Board of Directors, at the request of the complainant or respondent will review decisions on hearings for due process (procedural review) for a fee.
  6. It is mandatory for all members of the Grievance and Professional Standards Committees attend the C.A.R. Training every two (2) years. C.A.R. will reimburse the member after a Certificate of Completion is submitted to the Association Executive.
  7. C.C.A.R. may cooperate on Interboard Professional Standards.


  1. Directors attending C.A.R. Meetings will be paid per diem (please see attached per diem policy) as determined by the annual C.C.A.R. budget and the current IRS mileage allowance per mile. Mileage will be paid for travel to and from meetings, or to and from the airport when driving own personal vehicle.  Rental cars are not covered by the Association.  Cost of plane travel and lodging will be paid by the Association in full for required days at meeting.
  2. All Directors are to give a verbal report of the C.A.R. Meeting attended at the next General Membership Meeting.
  3. C.C.A.R. will send the C.A.R. Directors to all C.A.R. Meetings of the year. The President and President-Elect are automatically C.A.R. Directors, the third Director will be voted on a two (2) year basis.
  4. C.A.R. Directors & Executive Officers are required to attend Thursday & Friday Caucus Meetings. Directors are also required to attend Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning Board of Directors Meetings.  A Director that is marked absent for the Saturday Morning Board of Directors meeting is considered absent for the entire C.A.R. Meeting and will be required to reimburse C.C.A.R. for all expenses.


  1. Any candidate who wishes to be placed on the election ballot for President or President-Elect must have served on a past or the current Board of Directors. Any candidate who wishes to be placed on the election ballot for a Director position must be a C.C.A.R. REALTOR® Member in good standing.


  1. The C.C.A.R. Board of Directors shall be appointed as the IMPAC Trustees.


  1. CREPAC/LCRC Committee is and will operate as a Committee of the Board. The Board of Directors will appoint five (5) Committee members, including one chair, who are all REALTOR® Members of C.C.A.R. and CREPAC/LCRC contributors.  At the Board’s option, they may also appoint non-voting members such as the AE, GAD, LGR Chair, etc.  The Committee’s purpose will be to recommend to the Board of Directors Expenditures from its CREPAC/LCRC account.

Revised 06/11

Revised 5/2014- Approved by N.A.R. December 19, 2014

Revised January 2016 for Format & Letterhead Updates Only

Revised 7/16

Revised 2/19